zeati's Journal

19 November
I am a scorpio, I am laid back, I am in awe, I like to read, I sing, I am in love, I am distracted all the time, I like tuna, I play the drums, I don't hate anyone, I have three ex-step grandfathers & 8 ex step great grandfathers, I write lists constantly, I wear eyeliner, I am a future real estate agent, I write, I love to swim & swim like a fish, I have a mom who is like my sister not my mom, I am named after my grandmother, I am Italian, I am also Dutch and can recite Dutch poems, I love music immensly, I love to dance, and can dance to anything, I love my friends, I tattooed them on my shoulder, I lost weight, I like my boobs, I want some chicken, I have an aunt who is 22, I have a boyfriend who is my best friend, I have an angel in my head... in my bed.